Apr 1, 2010

Saturday night note

Can't believe I forgot that this was part of Saturday night! I would wager that no one will ever see this again - a Royal on the board in UTH!!!

None of us were playing the trips - the old man in the upper left corner was, so he got paid $750 for his $15 trips bet.

If I held that King of Hearts and the other 4 cards to the royal were on the board, it would have been worth $7500.
However, even though this board looks great, it was just a push to all of us since we tied the dealer with a Royal.


Sweet said...

That's why you should play the trips. If I had a dollar for every time one of those idiot dealers said that to me....

Layup said...

You forgot that this came up the hand after I got up to leave. And yes I was playing the trips.