Oct 15, 2017

NFL Week 6: Mike Patrick

This week's announcer in focus: Mike Patrick!

OK, I have to admit something. I like Mike Patrick. I think the team of Patrick and Paul McGuire was brilliant. I know this opinion is not very popular in many circles - especially as Mike Patrick gets up in age now and his mistakes are becoming more common. But he brought energy to the play by play broadcast and then set up McGuire excellent so McGuire could do his Tony Romo-like cheering. (The addition of Theismann in the booth with them - well, not so much).

Patrick is a native of Clarksburg, WV - which is actually the hometown of one of my friends in college, so I actually know where that is. He got his first job as a sports director in Jacksonville in the 70s and then quickly moved up to WJLA - Channel 7 - in Washington.

Patrick became one of the lead voices for the Jefferson Pilot broadcasts of college sports in the 80s. The 80s were a time when some college football and most college basketball games were independently produced and syndicated to all sorts of oddball stations. For instance, the Terps B-ball games that I remember were shown on Wednesday nights on channel 45 or 54 or something. (God forbid WJZ was going to pre-empty Knots Landing for Adrian Branch.)

(Was Channel 54 - WNUV - formed in the 80s just to be able to show ACC games and I Love Lucy re-runs? I need an answer to this....)

To be honest, I never really know what Jefferson Pilot was when I grew up. Was it a two-bit broadcasting company headquartered in Greensboro that had a good-ol-boy hold on the ACC broadcasts?  Some international conglomerate set up in Switzerland to pay off officials and ensure the Terps would always lose every close game to good teams? (That was always my thought). Just now, I am learning the Jefferson Pilot was in insurance and was bought out by Lincoln Financial in the past 10 years. Who knew?

Anyway, Mike Patrick became a staple of those broadcasts and was a voice in our house every Wednesday night during the winter. Here's a clip of an intro from those Jefferson Pilot broadcasts. Watch the whole thing to understand mid-Atlantic sports and why Lefty had no hair....( watch the first 2:30)


(HOLY crap!!! For us Ohio folk, look who shows up at the 5:10 mark of that above clip....Wow...)

Mike joined ESPN and in the late 80s became the voice of the new Sunday Night football broadcast on ESPN. We'll get to the important Browns game on SNF in a minute. He did Monday Night football broadcast for 18 years - 18! - ending in 2005. His trademark catch phrase - "Holy Cow!" was used on almost every routine 15 yard catch multiple times each quarter.

The most famous broadcast he did was in 1999 - a Wild Card playoff game for ESPN/ABC. I don't even have to set this up - just click on the link. It's amazing what your opinion is when you see this play live and how it changes when you see the replay....


In 1989, the Week 16 Sunday Night game happened to be Cleveland at Houston - and the two teams were tied for the division lead going into the last week. ESPN hyped it up as "the AFC Central Championship". And it was! Kosar! Moon! Slaughter! Givins! Mike Patrick was there...


And it provided a heart attack moment for Eric - this was a play during the game at a key moment. Tight game, Moon goes back, sacks, and fumbles! Clay Matthews picks it up - and - what??? What does he do? IBM takes it from there....


(Boy, I miss "IBM presents You Make the Call" and "Alcoa's Fantastic Finishes!")

Ok, yeah, yeah, Browns at Houston this week. Boy, I wish we were in a position in a draft to take a young quarterback like Carson Wentz or Deshaun Watson. But we never seem to be in the right spot in the draft to take one. We're just unlucky, I guess.

On to the games:

Atl 31, Mia 13. How does Miami have 2 wins? Their offense seems to be as bad as ours. Atlanta should - should! - come off ready to play off their bye.

Bal 20, Chi 17. Just don't know how Baltimore scores without help from the other team...and this is Mitch's first road game. Have to believe Fox will be ultra conservative with the game plan..

GB 28, Min 24. Packers usually struggle in Minnesota, and their defense has holes. I know Diggs is out, but Minnesota still has some weapons and there will be points here.

NO 27, Det 24. Not sure about this game at all. How banged up is Detroit's O line? How good are each team's defense?

NE 28, NYJ 16. After watching the debacle last week - and other Jets games - I just don't see how they can sustain drives against anyone.

Was 30, SF 16. SF has come close 3 straight weeks - and now is on their 3rd straight road game. I see Washington coming out and dominating; I'm sure I'll lose this one by the back door.

Az 27, TB 20. Looked at Tampa's stats - they are very weak against the pass, and that's the one thing Arizona can still do. I think the Cards pull this out.

Jax 23, LAR 20. What a great, unexpectedly interesting game. Be interested to see Gurley vs. the Jags questionable run D.

Pit 20, KC 17. Pit has the Chiefs' number, and their backs are against the wall. They circle the wagons here and get the win. How many big games can KC show up for in a row?

LAC 26, Oak 24. Just not impressed with the Raiders, even if Carr plays. When the Ravens can move the ball downfield on you, what is Rivers going to do?

Den 20, NYG 13. Classic Milton Berle game here; Denver will do just enough to win the game - and their offense isn't dynamic enough to cover a huge spread like this.

Ten 23, Ind 13. The more I watch Brissett, the more I don't like his footwork. Can LeBeau take advantage of this? The Colts D is bad enough that it doesn't matter who the QB is for Tennessee.

Best bets: 12 of them. Last week: 10-4; overall: 43-29
Atl -13
Chi +6.5
GB/Min over 44.5
NE -9
Was -11
Az +1.5
Pit +4
Pit/KC under 47
LAC +3.5
NYG +12.5
NYG/Den under 39
(Ten -6.5)

Supercontest picks: Last week: 3-2; overall: 15-10
Was -10
Az +2.5
Pit +4.5
LAC +3.5
Ten -6.5

Oct 14, 2017

NFL Week 6 Anagram

Your anagram for this week:

"Rekick it, Pam!"

No, this is not what Jim said when his girlfriend hit the opening kick backward when starting off the office's annual soccer game - but rearrange these letter to form what announcer?

Your Browns clue is - the Astrodome!

Your non-Browns clue is:

Oct 8, 2017

NFL Week 5: Tom Hammond

This week's announcer in focus is Tom Hammond of NBC!

Tom is a native Kentuckian, and graduated college with a degree in Animal science, not broadcasting. He got his start in broadcasting at the 1984 Breeders' Cup - the first one! - and was brought on by NBC as a specialist alongside the main host - Dick Enberg. Hammond was apparently so impressive in his debut that NBC Sports signed him to be a part of the staff.

Here's the clip of the coverage - go to the 16:00 mark where Enberg doesn't even know his name; Hammond corrects him and then flawlessly predicts the winner. Grey horses are never supposed to win - but Hammond picked her!


(sorry- got distracted watching that clip - Pete Axhelm and Jack Klugman talking horse racing at the 11:00 mark)....

Tom began doing more and more sports for NBC in the mid- and late-80s; he was part of the NBC Olympics broadcasting team in 1992 where he did track and field. Can't find a seminal moment from the track at those Olympics; his color analyst for track and field that year was....you guessed it, OJ. The last Olympics OJ did as a broadcaster.

Tom continues to do Olympic broadcasting today; he is now involved with the Winter Olympics as well and is the exact definition of a "third wheel" during figure skating coverage. He is the straight, play-by-play man in figure skating in the booth with Tara and Johnny. I'm not sure if he is proud or bewildered to be with these two.....


As many of you know, NBC had the AFC football broadcasts up until 1999. NBC put Hammond in as one of the rotating play by play guys usually doing the #4 or #5 game for NBC. He was paired with an up and coming young color guy from the Midwest - a receiver that, to me, seemed to talk too much. Cris Collinsworth. Hammond did a playoff game for NBC as recently as 2010.

NBC got the Notre Dame contract in the 90s, where it was the sole broadcaster for all Notre Dame home games, and quickly became recognized as the voice of the Irish. I guess the most famous moment in that package is a game in 2005 vs. USC. We all know the final play of the game....


Now, to the Browns.....in 1993, we in Cleveland were starting to realize that maybe this Belichick guy could coach - a bit. Resurrecting a team with zero talent and old in 1990, Bill went 6-10, 6-10 in his first two years (note: we would give a coach a parade now for 12 wins in 2 seasons) and the team looked better going into '93. We had a 4 pm home start against the Steelers in October (remember those? East Coast games actually starting at 4 pm????)....and Tom was on the call.


You better watch the whole clip.....

I tried to put our answering machine up to our recording of the game to have Hammond's call of the 2nd punt return be our outgoing message on the machine in our apartment. That technology transfer didn't work so well as Hammond's voice did not come through on the machine.

Note: I think I still have 3 Metcalf jerseys somewhere in the basement.

When will we have excitement like that again in Cleveland????

On to the games:

Buf 23, Cin 20. Can we really trust Buffalo? They still have very little passing game. Can we trust the Bengals after looking good vs. the Browns?

Det 27, Car 20.  I think Detroit's defense is underrated and their D will stop Carolina enough. Detroit should score enough at home.

Ind 30, SF 20.  I like what I see out of Brissett over the past 2 weeks. This game is at home; he's comfortable, and he does have some weapons at receiver. Can Indy's D do enough?

Mia 27, Ten 19. The true home opener for the Dolphins; I think Cutler and Miami will do enough against a bad pass D for the Titans. And Mia's run D is good; so Ten has to pass with Cassel. Not a great strategy.

LAC 31, NYG 26. This should be a shootout with 2 teams that love to pass. And the Chargers getting out of LA should help them.

Phi 26, Az 20. I just don't see how Arizona puts up enough points here. Their D may keep them in the game - but can they actually move the ball with no running game?

Pit 24, Jax 13. Still not 100% that Pit's O is back to where it was last year. I'd love to see the Jags upset here, but can't trust them on the road.

LAR 23, Sea 20. On paper, this could be a Rams blowout; however, I have to believe that Carroll will be into his bag of tricks as he desperately needs to win this game. The coaching matchup will make this a close game.

Bal 20, Oak 17. All right, trusting the Ravens' D on this one. Not sure how Manuel and the Raiders will move the ball against the #1 D. Can Flacco find some holes in the Raiders' D? I think so.

Dal 30, GB 24.  Love this spot for the Cowboys. Coming off a loss and they are desperate, facing an injured Packers team at home. Dallas just needs to contain Rodgers and they should win.

KC 23, Hou 17. Will never bet against KC ever, ever again after Monday night. Watson can't play as well as he did last week. Can he?

Min 27, Chi 17. Although there is a good chance that us Cleveland fans will see another star QB born for another team on MNF....

Best bets: 14 of them. Last week: 8-6; overall: 33-25
Det -2.5
Ind -2
SF/Ind over 44.5
Mia +1
LAC +3
LAC/NYG over 45
Pit -7.5
Jax/Pit under 43
Sea/LAR under 47.5
Bal +3
Dal -3
KC -1
KC/Hou under 45
Min -2.5

Supercontest picks: Last week: 2-3 (with an asterisk); overall: 12-8
Det -2.5
Ind -1.5
Mia +3
Bal +2.5
Dal -2

Oct 6, 2017

NFL Week 5 Anagram

The anagram this week is:

"Damn - Hot Mom!"

This could be what Brian Griffin says about Lois in every Family Guy outtake - but rearrange these letters to form which NFL play by play announcer?

Two clues: First, the Browns-related clue; the announcer called a game with this famous player in it: Eric Metcalf!

Second clue: non-Browns related:

Oct 1, 2017

NFL Week 4: Bill Macatee

This week's announcer in focus is CBS's Jack of all trades, Bill Macatee!

Every sports network needs one of those announcers that are so versatile, they can be called on at any moment to do any sports needed. In the past, this role was held by people like Tim Ryan at CBS (who seemed to always be on some random mountain in the Alps for a World Cup ski race) and Al Trautwig for NBC (who had the 8th position in the draft for Olympic coverage, and gets biathlon/water polo).

Bill plays that same utility player role, but now for more premier events.

He started back in the 80s for NBC and was a host for NBC Sportsworld. Remember that? I didn't until yesterday. Sportsworld was NBC's answer to "Wide World of Sports" - except no one actually watched it. Here's a clip of what would be shown on Saturdays - boxing, auto racing, and a golf retrospective of the 1968 US Open (why?). Other sports in other clips include Sumo and figure skating....
(our hero is seen at the 0:35 mark).

Bill went to the USA network in 1990 - USA, at the time, was the home for the early rounds of the PGA tour and the US Open tennis tournament. He then joined CBS in 1995 and did - well, almost everything. Most hard core golf fans know that he is the stand in for Jim Nantz in the tower at 18 when Nantz isn't there; I do believe that Nantz has a contract that states that Nantz will not do any sporting events that are held within 50 miles of Iowa or Arkansas. That's why - every single year - Bill Macatee is the main play by play guy for the John Deere coverage in Iowa. Nantz won't step foot in the Hawkeye state.


Bill also was the lead announcer for the US Open tennis tournament from 2010-15, the last years that CBS had the rights to it. He was actually very good at this, building on his USA experience to call the men's final for 5 years. He worked that for CBS for 15, and I think I heard his voice 12 hours straight in August-September 2008, when we had CBS's US Open coverage of the middle weekend on in our hospital TV for the 2 days after Martin was born.....


So Bill is a great addition to the CBS football team; whenever they needed a 4th or 5th announcer, he always filled in. Of course, he wasn't going to get the premier games - that was for Nantz - but they keep sending him to Buffalo, Nashville, Jacksonville and Cleveland to fill in spots. One of those games he did was a predicted yawner in 2010, when New England came to Cleveland as a double digit favorite. It was the "hoodie", Bill Belichick, vs. his student/disciple, Eric Mangini. And then a legend was born......the future cover boy of Madden.....


Even now, I ask - how did that game happen? Did I dream that? How did we beat the Pats by 17? Even those years - in 2010 - we actually won games in convincing fashion while going 5-11. Now, we just hope to stay within single digits. It's sad......

Let's try not to get blow out today, ok?

On to the games:

NO 31, Mia 27. Neither team has a defense - last week NO got lucky and played an awful Carolina team on O.

Atl 20, Buf 17. Love Buffalo's D; the home field for Atlanta will just be enough to get them across the line here.

Pit 19, Bal 16. No idea. I'm not sure either of these teams are good.

LAR 27, Dal 24. I'm starting to be a believer in the Rams. And what has Dallas showed so far that is impressive?

Hou 28, Ten 20. Tennessee's pass defense is vulnerable - and I think Watson is slowly improving and will take advantage.

Det 24, Min 20. Min's outburst last week was mainly due to turnovers; if Stafford holds on to the ball, the Lions win.

NE 24, Car 17. We will see how bad NE's defense is with this game. If Carolina gets in the 20s, then Pats fans can truly panic.

Jax 23, NYJ 13. I know this is a big trap - but the Jax Run O should dominate the game.

Az 23, SF 17. I wanted to pick the upset here, but SF's defense is just too weak.

Phi 31, LAC 28. Can't pick the upset here. Can't trust the Chargers until they play 4 complete quarters.

TB 30, NYG 26. Just not understanding all the Giants love in this game. They still don't have an offensive line.

Oak 24, Den 17. What is so impressive about Denver? If Oakland can stop the run, they should win comfortably.

Sea 24, Ind 16. The line is 13 on this game....Seattle has trouble scoring 13 points in a game.

KC 23, Was 20. Should be a great Monday night game. Was's defense should keep them well in the game.

Best bets: 14 of them. Last week: 10-6; overall: 25-19
(in no order)
NO/Mia over 50.5
Buf +8
Buf/Atl under 48.5
Pit/Bal under 42.5
LAR +6
Hou +2.5
Car/NE under 49
Jax -3
Phi +2.5
Phi/LAC over 47.5
NYG/TB over 44.5
Oak +3
Ind +13
Was +7

Supercontest: 4-1 last week; 10-5 overall:
LAR +6.5
Hou +1.5
Jax -3.5
Oak +2.5
Was +6.5

Sep 28, 2017

NFL Week 4 Anagram

Here we go with the Week 4 Anagram:

Climate? Able!

This is not a predicted refrain from the 2018 Republican Senate Primary in Maryland for Ben Cardin's seat - as the candidates talk about the possible effects of global warming. However, rearrange these letters to form what NFL announcer?

Two clues this week:

The first clue is non-Browns related. In fact, the first clue has nothing to do with football.

However, I have to give some sort of Browns related clue! This second clue does have to do with a Browns game in the past where this person was the announcer....
(hint to the hint: the group pictured below is Hey Violet)

Sep 24, 2017

NFL Week 3: Charlie Jones

This week's announcer in focus: Charlie Jones!

You want to talk about a typecast announcer - here he is! Charlie was a staple of fall afternoons/evenings in the 80s; he always, always seemed to have the late AFC West game on NBC. I distinctly remember so many early evenings in the fall/winter in Baltimore - around 6:00 pm, when it was pitch black - and watching the late NBC game on the TV in my parents' bedroom. It always was a divisional matchup - Raiders/Broncos, Chiefs/Seahawks, Chargers/Raiders, etc.

You could tell where the game was by just looking at Charlie. If he (and longtime partner Todd Christensen) had those Puffy-inspired NBC parks on, then they had to be doing an Elway game from Denver. If Charlie was wearing a short sleeve shirt, then of course they were doing a Fouts game from San Diego.

Charlie started doing national football games for NBC in 1965, and did his last game in 1998. 33 years! About in the midpoint of his career, he saw this comeback by the Vikings in 1980. Since the Browns were the visitors, NBC had this matchup in November, 1980, at the old Metropolitan stadium in Minneapolis.

We join the coverage with the Browns just taking the lead, 23-22, and the Vikings having the ball at their OWN 20 with :14 left and no timeouts. It's in the bag for Cleveland, right?


I don't recall this game live; this is probably the latest Browns heartbreak that I don't remember. This was the year of the Kardiac Kids as we won the '80 division championship; there was another heartbreak in the playoffs that I have wrote about before.

(Of course, the winning TD was caught by Ahmad Rashad; this is why I still refuse to watch re-runs of Inside Stuff on NBC.

(And if you can't draw the connection between Pudding Pops and Ahmad Rashad, then you never watched the Cosby Show).

Three broadcasts of significance that Charlie was involved in: (I learn so much doing the research for these blog posts):

1. He was the track and field announcer for the 1988 Seoul Olympics --- recall, young ones, that the 1988 Seoul Olympics was the first true world Summer Olympics that we remember. This was a BIG DEAL. 80 was the US boycott; 84 was a US exhibition; 88 was the first true competition for the Olympics in our lives (as I had no recollection of Montreal 76).

This race - and the aftermath - was huge. And Charlie was on the call:


(note: at 3:42, I want Charlie to announce the results of my breathalyzer tests)

2. Charlie was also one of the key announcers for the '91 Ryder Cup - the War at the Shore at Kiawah. He was paired with some whippersnapper named Johnny Miller, who was just starting his career. Here's a clip of highlights of the pressure-packed match between Calcavecchia and Montgomerie, where Calc was 5 up with 5 to play - and ended up getting the half.


Charlie was there, trying to make his broadcasting "mark" on the moment... "into the watery grave" - and Johnny was over-analyzing everything, talking over Charlie on the broadcast. I guess Johnny couldn't break that habit over his 27+ years in the booth).

(I don't recall Charlie announcing my comeback from 4 down with 4 to play in the 2005 Iowa Match Play, round 1, to a current Web.com pro...maybe he was booked that day).

3. Finally, I think Charlie's broadcasts were the first to use the sideline reported. Charlie and Todd would throw it down to the field for an on-the-spot report from the field, usually talking about injuries. Here's a picture of the first sideline reporter on Charlie's team...I wonder what happened to him.

I loved Charlie...what a voice. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2008 at his home in La Jolla.

On to the games:

Bal 23, Jax 16. I've seen enough; Baltimore can be a dominant defense against a below-average offense. That includes the Bengals, Browns, and yes, the Jags.

Buf 23, Den 17. Are we sure Denver is any good? It's like we are crowning Simien as the next Brady. They took the Chargers to the wire - whoopee, everyone does that - and beat a messed up Cowboys team in a lightning delay, both at home.

Car 27, NO 24. Don't like the look of Carolina's offense; they won't put the Saints away here. I see some scoring on both sides.

Pit 27, Chi 17. We'll give the Bears a mulligan for last week; they'll give Pittsburgh some fight, esp. with their running offense, but just don't have enough fire power.

Det 24, Atl 20. Detroit's D has really impressed me. Perfect letdown spot for the Falcons.

Min 23, TB 20. Minnesota will have one week of practice for case under their belt, and Tampa can not play any better. I think Minny's D will rattle Winston.

NE 27, Hou 16. Watson should move the ball some against the weak NE D, and the Hou D line will at least contain the Pats a bit.

Mia 20, NYJ 17. Just a hunch here; Miami's offense wasn't sharp (although it was week 1), and the Jets will bring something for their first home game. McCown will do enough to stay in it.

NYG 27, Phi 20. Upset special. Philly's pass defense is aveage, and Eli (I hope) will be motivated to play decent this game. I don't think the Eagles are good enough yet to blow divisional foes out of the water.

Ten 26, Sea 16. Seattle's line is a mess; LeBeau will have fun picking Wilson apart. The question is- can the Titans score enough?

GB 27, Cin 13. Green Bay, off a loss, coming home to face a chaotic Bengals team? This won't be Alabama - Vandy, but I think Rodgers has something to prove.

KC 30, LAC 27. Thinking about a shootout here for Charlie Jones's sake.

Oak 26, Was 23. This will tell us a LOT about Oakland's defense. Are they just average - which limits how far the Raiders can go? Or can they win a game on the road for Oakland?

Dal 30, Az 16. Cowboys will be ready to bounce back, and Palmer has shown me nothing yet this far.

Best bets: 16 of them. Last week: 9-7; overall: 15-13.
In order:
NYG +6
Buf +3
Det/Atl under 51
Ten -2.5
GB -9
Dal -3
Det +3
Min +3
NYG/Phi over 42.5
NO/Car over 46.5
Bal -3.5
NYJ +6
NYJ/Mia under 43.5
GB/Cin under 46.5
KC/LAC over 47.5
Hou +14

Supercontest picks: Last week: 4-1; overall: 6-4
Buf +3
Min +3
NYG +6
Ten -3
GB -8.5

Sep 20, 2017

NFL Week 3 Anagram

Your announcer anagram for week 3:

Heil Scone Jar!

No, this is not what Heinrich Himmler would say as he passed the Dusseldorf bakery each morning on his way to Nazi HQ......rearrange these letters to spell which famous NFL TV Announcer?

Your clue: Jell-O Pudding Pops!

Sep 16, 2017

NFL Week 2: Dick Stockton

Your announcer of the week: Dick Stockton!

Did you realize that Dick has been around for almost 50 years now - and still going strong! He is 74 years old - however, every time I listen to him (doing some 4th tier NFC game), he seems to have lost a few steps, waiting a bit on the names and even mispronouncing some. I think FOX tried him for some playoff baseball recently - to negative reviews.

His most famous call - besides those drug-laden NBA telecasts on CBS in the 80s - was the call of Fisk's homerun in the 75 world series. Yes - it was his voice calling the HR in extras in Game 6 for the Sox to win. Here's the call.....unmistakably Stockton.


That World Series causes some consternation here in Cincinnati - most people think that Fisk's HR won the Series for the Sox - because they show the HR so many times. In fact, the Reds came back and won game 7 in Fenway - the first WS for the Big Red Machine.
People in Cinci refer to the result that year sarcastically as the year the Red Sox won in 6, 3 games to 4. They have a point.

(by the way - I didn't mean to allude that Stockton was taking drugs during the 80s. He was the voice of the NBA on CBS in the 80s and 90s.  Click on this for a sample of your childhood.....
I dare you NOT to dance to the music....

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58MMcODdIZs  )

He is doing the Bears-Bucs game this weekend in Tampa. Still active! Since he worked on CBS/FOX, he rarely did Browns games - but there was one memorable moment. It was the opener of the 2012 season - and Brandon Weeden was our savior! Our 1st round draft pick was going to lead us to the promised land! Weeden was going to start the opener. The opponent - the Eagles, who resurrected Vick for his first start as an Eagle.....

I was pumped; I woke up at 1:00 am to watch the kickoff - and then slumped into depression when the American Flag attacked him before kickoff....


Vick threw 4 interceptions, but could not give the game away to us as we lost, 17-16.

(by the way - anyone wanting an idea for a Christmas gift for me? How about the collection of CBS Announcer cards! We can put Verne's card on the UTH table every March......)

On to the games:

Car 24, Buf 13. I have no faith in Buffalo - how will they score?

Az 23, Ind 20. Yeah, people think the Colts are the worst team in the NFL. Maybe. But the Cards just don't look right. How can they give 7 on the road?

Jax 23, Ten 20. I don't trust Mariotta and I believe the influence of Coughlin is helping the Jags.

KC 27, Phi 17. Run, run, run. That's all Reid will do here against an Eagles D vulnerable to the run.

NE 31, NO 23. Nope - won't do it. This screams a trap game. Will be closer than people think.

Pit 27, Min 24. Let's be clear. The Pit defense is average, at best. Minnesota will exploit it. However, Pit's offense is exemplar. This will be high scoring.

TB 26, Chi 16. Dick will inspire Jameis to throw for 3 TDs!

Oak 31, NYJ 13. Just can't see the Jets staying around in this game. Too much firepower for the Raiders.

LAC 30, Mia 23. I like what I see from the Chargers' O. I think they played admirably vs. an elite D on Monday.

Den 23, Dal 20. If you take Elliott away, the Cowboys have Dez....and that's it. I think the Broncos can handle the Cowboys O and do just enough on their side of the ball.

LAR 19, Was 16. The Skins won't give points away...they have a veteran quarterback like Cousins....oh wait......

Sea 24, SF 13. I'm sorry, something is wrong with Seattle's O. This is going on 2 years now. If you have no line, your O will struggle. SF will keep this close.

Atl 30, GB 24. Just a perfect spot for the Falcons. GB coming down from a big win vs. Seattle and the Falcons needed to play well for their fans.

Det 24, NYG 18. I hate the Giants makeup right now. Nothing on O...especially without OBJ.

Picks: 16 of them. Last week: 6-6
Jax +1
Car -7
Buf/Car under 43
Ind +7
KC -5.5
Pit/Min over 45.5
TB -6.5
Oak -13
LAC -3.5
LAC/Mia over 45.5
Den +2.5
LAR -2.5
Was/LAR under 46
SF +14
Atl -3
Det +3

Supercontest picks: Last week: 2-3
Ind +7
KC -5.5
LAC -4
Den +2.5
Atl -3

Sep 13, 2017

NFL Week 2: Anagram

Nick Dock Tots

No, these words are not instructions for a serial killer to take a Gillette Mach 5 and attack privileged children on a Martha's Vineyard pier......but rearrange these letters to form what NFL announcer?

Your clue: The American Flag

(As mentioned, the clue is related to a Browns game where this person was the announcer)