Jan 18, 2014

2014 Swing Thoughts

It's a new year - time to clear the brain of the old bad habits from my golf swing and head into a new year with clear, concise thoughts. I'm trying to just focus on the contact and make a good swing now - to get back to basics - instead of constantly fighting to shoot a number.

I've got it down to four pre-swing thoughts that I am focusing on:

1. Square the left toe at address
2. Set up behind the ball
3. See the follow-through swing path - swing on that path
4. Pause at the top.

4a. No, I mean it, pause at the top

4b. No, not an Eric "technically, a pause is the instantaneous moment between the backswing and the downswing", but a Don Hershey "you can sneeze when he is at the top and it won't affect his swing" pause.

4c. Dammit, if you don't pause, I will shove this club up your ass.....

There, those positive thoughts ought to do it.

Yes, most golfers only have one - maybe two - thoughts in their head pre-swing....but as you know, I am psychologically messed up in the head on the course, so I need all these. And this is an improvement! I used to have 7 or 8 thoughts in my head in past years!

1 comment:

mer said...

Here's my swing thoughts:

- double bloody mary before the round, that will steady hands for the round.
- playing poorly, get another double vodka at the turn.
- playing well but haven't won a skin yet, only get a single and possibly skip the Italian sausage.
- playing well and a have a skin in the bag, get the sausage and a double.

Only real swing thought I have is swing through it, not at it.

For putting, I'm a mental midget when putting right handed, my only thought left handed is, make it.